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my 5 favourite herbs & spices + how they heal

my 5 favourite herbs & spices + how they heal

Spices take cooking to a whole new level and many of them have amazing healing qualities and health benefits. These are some of my favourites when it comes to cooking and their power!

1. Turmeric

Found in curry powder and on its own, this spice has great anti-inflammatory effects and is also a strong antioxidant. Studies from top universities in China also show it has anti-depressant qualities. I like to use it on curries and in stir-fries. You can read more on the benefits of turmeric on one of my favourite health blogs here.

2. Cumin

Cumin is probably my favourite smell of all time. It's found in a lot of Indian dishes. Cumin aids in digestion and helps improve immunity. One study found that cumin is protective against memory loss. I like to use the spice in many of the things I cook from roasting veggies to curries and rice noodle bowls. I even sprinkle a bit on my quinoa salad for extra flavour! 

3. Rosemary

This is a flavour and smell of nostalgia for me since rosemary is found in a lot of Italian cooking. Rosemary has been linked to improving memory and brain function. It is also a strong anti-inflammatory. My favourite way to use rosemary is on baked sweet potatoes. It also makes your home smell amazing! I prefer fresh but dry works great too.

4. Cayenne

This made the list because I am a spice queen (seriously, I challenge you) and I love to put a LOT of cayenne of many of the dishes I make. It's so much better than a store bought hot sauce and you can control the amount of heat you like. Adding half a teaspoon to what you're cooking is said to help suppress your appetite and burn calories. I love it on everything, so I have no specific recommendations for you. If you like it spicy, add some cayenne! 

5. Cinnamon

I love to use cinnamon in my baking and especially love to load it onto my oatmeal. I find it helps to satisfy my sweet tooth and also smells amazing. It's anti-inflammatory and has become a key ingredient in post-exercise smoothies. Studies also show that the spice can aid in weight loss and helps with the treatment of diabetes. It's also super simple to use. Sprinkle on your desserts, in your coffee or on your yogurt. 

Get cooking with these herbs and spices!

party appetizer: rosemary sunbutter + cucumber

party appetizer: rosemary sunbutter + cucumber

cauliflower steak

cauliflower steak