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5 reasons why I love matcha

5 reasons why I love matcha

The first time I had an almond milk matcha latte at a local cafe I knew it was a match-a made in heaven. I also knew I would be able to make it myself! I was fortunate enough that my dad went on a trip to Japan recently and brought me back some of the power powder. However you can find matcha at most health food stores or Asian food markets. I am also a big fan of this brand's matcha chai mix which you can order online.

1. It boosts your immune system

Every cup of matcha contains immune boosting properties.  Catechins (an antioxidant) in matcha have a lot of health benefits and are known to heal cells. They can also be effective in fighting bacterial and viral infections.

2. It's more energizing than coffee

It only has half the amount of caffeine of a cup of coffee but works as a natural energy enhancer. Enjoy the boost without the shakes!

3. It helps with weight loss

Again with the magical catechins. There's lots of them in matcha, even moreso than coffee. This helps boost your metabolism aiding with weight loss. 

4. So many antioxidants

Three times the amount of green tea, to be exact. So enjoy the same earthy flavour as the tea but with far more benefits. 

5. It's delicious

I would describe the taste as soothing, earthy and stronger than green tea. If it's a bit too strong for you, you can try using less matcha powder, adding more almond milk or sweetening your latte with a bit of coconut sugar.

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